Welcome to our ranch where... Temperament, Color, Conformation, and Gait. all come TOGETHER!!!

                          Take a look at the newest "Designer Dog"....our AussieDoodles!!                                                                      

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                Our dogs are " SUPER " dogs . We

have dogs that are Theraphy dogs ,

Service dogs , Diabetic Alert dogs  and

even Seizure Alert dogs .





















Our dogs are also used for Hospital / Nursing

Home Certified Dogs , PPSS  Dogs

and Austisum Companion .

Our Dogs are also just  


at agility and ALL

Dog Games !!!!!










AussieDoodles are Non-shedding,


come in gorgeous merle colors, as well as solids. 


 In the early 2000's before the breed was ever in the "limelight", we had a blue merle male aussie named Cracker Jack who was our loyal guardian of our horses. We bred him to one of our standard poodle girls and came up with what is becoming a very popular breed today. The cross between these two extremely intelligent breeds is just amazing! Our vet was very excited about them and said they were a very healthy cross.

In later years, in 2007, our aussiedoodles were recognized in a book on Designer breeds called "Hot Dogs", published by Random House. You can find the book on Amazon.com Several of our dogs are pictured/featured and we were asked to be advisors for the aussiedoodle chapter.This was a project we enjoyed immensley. We raise both 1st generation as well as f1b ( second gen) aussiedoodles. These dogs tend to be non allergic and non shedding making them the "perfect" dog. Aussiedoodles can be left shaggy or clipped. Some people enjoy doing different designer clips for different looks. Please look through our pictures and be assured that these dogs are "our" dogs that  were  bred "by us". ( some scammers and dishonest people steal pictures to use as theyre own!)
Feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emailing us will usually get the quickest response as we are in and out of the house alot.


 Meet our Past and Present AussieDoodles!!    


These are some of the Miniature or "Toy" AussieDoodles we have bred in the past:






These are some of the Standard AussieDoodles we have bred in the past:









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